Making the future together

Samwon FA is a solutions development firm that designs and implements Intelligent Transportation systems and factory automation solutions. We started in the late 70’s and have been growing ever since.

  • Cost Competitive

    Trusted worksmanship.

    Decades of experience.

    Satisfied customers

  • Creative Expertise

    Passion for innovation.

    Pursuit of perfection.

    Long-lasting relationships.

2020s Looking to the Future
  • 2020

    Expanding further into the global market business

  • Promoting IoT and Cloud-enabled intelligent traffic information systems

  • Received the Gold Tower Industrial Order of Merit, the highest possible medal from the Korean government

2010s Going Global: establishing an industry presence in the greater Asian market for public transport and factory automation
  • 2019

    Established a public transport card and information management systems for public buses in Kazakhstan

  • Selected as a Global Leading Company in Korea’s version of “Hidden Champion”

  • 2018

    Participated in the 53rd Annual Conference of the African Development Bank

  • 2017

    Received Minister's Award from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy of the Republic of Korea.

  • Participated in ITU Telecom World

  • Participated in Creating an Open Smart City Demonstration Complex Project organized by the Information and Communication Industry Promotion Agency

  • 2016

    Selected as a leading company in the 2016 Strategic Industry Competition for Busan Metropolitan City

  • Implemented trial system for integrated bus fare collection in Vladivostok, Russia

  • 2015

    Received Green Technology Certification

  • Moved headquarters to Seokdae Technical Park in Busan, South Korea.

  • 2013

    Chosen as a supplier of on-board equipment for bus management systems in Panama

  • Chosen as a supplier for taxi terminal payment systems in the US

  • 2012

    Received Small and Medium Business Conference Industry Award from the Korean Government

  • Received Best Company in Busan Small and Medium Business Award and selected as a leading company

2000s Building Our Reputation: developing and implementing universal systems across Korea’s transport networks and factories
  • 2009

    Received Best Company to Work For from the Busan Human Resources Development Institute

  • 2007

    Received Best Company in Technology Competitiveness Award

  • 2006

    Completed construction of automatic fare collection facilities in Korea’s largest airport (Incheon International Airport)

  • Received Technological Innovation Certification for Small and Medium Enterprises from Innobiz

  • 2004

    Completed installation of a smart transportation card system for the Busan Metropolitan Transit Authority

  • 2000

    Developed a universal system for contactless payment terminals for use in vending machines

  • Selected as a supplier of transportation card terminals for Busan City public transportation systems

1990s Building Trust: underpromising and overdelivering with industry firsts
  • 1998

    Received ISO 9001:2000 Certification

  • Developed IO Link System through Samwon ACT (a Samwon FA subsidiary)

  • Developed tollgate fare collection system for Korea’s transportation network

  • 1996

    Received Million Plus Dollar Export Award form the Korean Ministry of Trade

  • 1995

    Received Prime Minister's Award during Commerce and Industry Day

  • 1993

    Established as a Corporate Affiliate Research Institute

  • 1990

    Small and Medium Business Day Award Winner (Representative of Busan, Small and Medium Businesses of Korea)

1980s Putting ourselves on the map
  • 1988

    Reincorporation as Samwon FA Co. Ltd

  • Transfer of headquarters to Moonhyeon, Busan, South Korea.

  • 1983

    Selected as official domestic supplier of Mitsubishi programmable logic controllers & inverters

  • 1979

    Founded as Samwon Electric Co.