CEO Greeting

Making the future together


Since its foundation in 1979, the company has been able to establish itself as a steadily growing company through its creative thinking and constant challenges.

The company played a leading role in advancing the factory automation control technology by introducing the programmable logic controller (PLC) for the first time in Korea. In the 2000s, the smart card payment system, which is the key technology of electronic payment, was intensively developed and applied to tollgate payment for the first time in the world. Since then, the company has expanded the card fare collection system in public transportation, such as buses and urban railroads, and the Intelligent Transport System, which is considered as a centre of traffic information, also the company provides electronic payment solutions for vending machines in the distribution sector.

Recently, with an artificial intelligence and shared services, the global business environment of the fourth-tier industry is rapidly changing, creating new business models. We are planning to continue making endless efforts on researching and developing technologies that are suitable for our new environment and implementing improved future technologies and high-quality services.

We will continue to put a priority on trust, faithfully fulfill our role in implementing new technology values and customer-centered management, and strive to become the best partner.

President Hong Won Pyo