CEO Greeting

Making the future together


Samwon FA is a systems integrator and in-house manufacturer for equipment used in factory automation (FA) and mass transit systems. For decades, our engineering knowledge has helped implement complex systems for automating factories throughout Korea. Our FA systems integration teams have years of experience in robotics and machine vision integration, as well as press-to-press automation.

We also have expertise in setting up mass transit systems with our Intelligent Transport Solutions (ITS) system integration teams. Since the 2000’s, the Seoul Metropolitan Transit Authority has trusted us with design and installation of smart card payment systems into tollgates, and we have expanded into transit fare collection in Korea’s public transportation systems. Over the decades, our company has been integral in the formation of Korea’s Intelligent Transport System, which operates as a hub for traffic information across the country.

With the advent of AI, the Internet of Things and the Cloud, the Fourth Industrial Revolution continues to cause upheaval for factories. In addition, passengers of public transport systems demand faster travel, ease of payment, and safety. Whether you are a government tasked with improving your mass transit systems, or you are a factory aiming to increase throughput, we can help. Samwon FA is aware of the continuously changing nature of the global business environment, and we continue to make strides in research and development of new technologies to suit our partners’ needs.

As the founder and CEO, I can promise that we will put you first, and strive to be the best business partner we can be.

President Hong Won Pyo